Hi Mama, Welcome!

We’ve never met but I know one thing about you: You have everything it takes to start a blog and make money blogging

Let me hold your hand

Whether you’re ready get started or you’re still beating around the bush about the idea of starting your own blog because you are not sure if you can do it,

I’m here to help you

I believe that you have what it takes to become another successful mama in the blogging world

You don’t have to be an English professor

You don’t need a fancy degree

You don’t even need a thousand dollars to invest for you to start a blog and make money from it

All you need is a blogging friend who can hold your hand and show you the steps to take

And I’m that friend!

I created another successful mama to help every woman become a successful blogger

It was known as Blogger’s Jungle before but I decided to rebrand it and focus on helping women alone


Because I’m that mama who understands difficult situations other women go through because that’s where I come from

I’m that mama who’ve been dreaming of helping her husband pay some bills and take care of the kids

I’m that mama who started a blog to make a living only to find that the road wasn’t easy

And I’m that mama who never thought that she can have loyal readers and email subscribers because I thought I wasn’t good enough

I know there are lots of women out there who’re exactly like the old me

And I’m on a mission to help them

If you’re one of them you’re the reason why another successful mama exist

I believe you can become successful regardless of how much you have in your pocket or how educated you are

Get started on your journey with these posts:

My Story

I helplessly watched my husband toil hard labour side hustles because his main job couldn’t sustain us

But still, he could only put food on the table

We couldn’t afford vacations and even buy new toys for our kids

I got tired of all the self-pity and the hard times we had to endure

So I took an initiative and started looking for ways to make money online

I went through lots of MMO scams until I bumped into a blog income report that changed my life

It led me to Wealthy Affiliate and that’s when my blogging journey began

They gave me the baby steps into blogging and I got licked out of WA a few months later because I couldn’t afford to pay their $48 monthly payments

I almost quitted my blog, but fortunately it made a whopping $20 whilst I was trying to figure out what to do next and I was motivated

As a result, I began learning blogging through countless sleepless nights of research

2 years fast forward, I can finally help my husband pay the bills and make our kids smile, all thanks to blogging

Now my job is to help you become another successful mama in the blogging world

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