I’m Sick Of My Emails Going To Spam – Are You?

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2021)

Sick of your emails going to spam?

You are not alone

Almost always WordPress users struggle with email deliverability

This is bad news for your business, right?

Luckily and finally there is a solution for that

WPForms’ got your back!

In 2017 WPForms acquired WP Mail SMTP, a plugin which allows you to send your emails reliably

It fixes email deliverability by configuring WordPress to use a proper SMTP ( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) provider when sending mails

WP Mail SMTP has more than 1 million active installations and WPForms is always updating this plugin

The exciting part is, they have finally launched WP Mail SMTP Pro!

Why Are Your WordPress Emails Going To Spam?

Before we go into details about this exciting WP Mail SMTP pro let’s discuss a bit about why your WordPress emails are going to spam:

When WordPress sends emails it uses a built-in PHP mail function by default

This function is simple and easy to use but has a big problem which makes it risky for WordPress users to use it

The PHP function is easy for spammers to take advantage of

They can easily hijack it to send emails through your site

Scary isn’t it?

Because of it being so notoriously hijackable some web hosts have disabled this function

Which means if your host has disabled the PHP mail function then your request to send emails will not get to your server

Even if your host didn’t disable this function generally the email servers screen out emails sent using the PHP mail function

This means your emails may get sent but will not be received by the recipient’s server or they will be received but will often land in spam

Disclaimer: I receive compensation for expressing my views and opinions about WP Mail SMTP but this is not a sponsored post. I only promote high-quality products that I trust.

How To Avoid Emails From Landing In Spam

Now that you know why and how your WordPress emails are landing in spam

You are now wondering how to solve this problem

That’s where WP Mail SMTP comes in

SMTP uses PHP mailer library instead of the PHP mail function

Which allows this plugin to keep your site safe from spammers and hackers

WP Mail SMTP will force your WordPress mail function to use your SMTP settings

WordPress will no longer have to send emails using your WebHost email server

The emails will go directly from WordPress to your SMTP server and they will be correctly delivered to your recipient’s server

WP Mail SMTP Premium Features

By now I’m sure you can agree with me that WP Mail SMTP is a must-have plugin for WordPress sites that send emails

WP Mail SMTP  a WPForms product

With the premium version, you get access to helpful features and tools like:

  • Amazon SES Mailer– Use the power of AWS with the Amazon SES integration
  • Outlook 365– Send emails with Outlook 365 using the Microsoft mailer
  • Email control– Manage notification emails
  • Email logging– Keep track of every email sent from your WordPress site

All this and other features are readily available for you to ensure that you get the most reliable email delivery from your site

Click here to get WP Mail SMTP Pro and get rid of email deliverability issues

Have The WP Mail SMTP Team Set It Up For You

Are you non-techy?

You are not alone, I am too

And setting up a transactional email service is extremely hard

It’s so confusing and frustrating

No more worries, fortunately, the WP Mail SMTP team has a White Glove Setup service to make setting up WP Mail SMTP easier

This service is available to all WP Mail SMTP Elite users

You will get access to 1 on 1 support from their team

No need to worry about the confusing setup process anymore

You will sit back and relax whilst they:

  • Install and Setup the WP Mail SMTP plugin
  • Configure and adjust your DNS for email domain name verification
  • Setup Mailgun
  • Test and confirm everything works perfectly

Cool isn’t it?

There is nothing better than everything being done for you by the world-class experts

So what are you waiting for? Get your own WP Mail SMTP pro now


WPForms is one of the amazing teams who are always trying to make our WordPress experience easier

They have experience in building awesome WordPress plugins that I personally use and love

And they have launched WP Mail SMTP pro to ensure that your emails don’t go on spam

It’s high time to get this plugin and fix your WordPress email problems once and for all

Do you have any questions about this amazing plugin? Please feel free to leave a comment below

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