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Does Your Business Blog Need Customer Success?-A Secret To Win Permanent Clients Exposed

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Do you offer any services or sell products on your blog?

If your answer is yes, this means some of your readers are your precious customers

But are you meeting their needs as customers?

Are they reaching their desired goals?

I’m sure you already give them customer support

But have you ever thought of customer success?

Wondering what the heck it is?

Well let’s find out

This post was sponsored by the User IQ, However, all opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views

What Is Customer Success?

When you are in a business of selling or offering services Customer success is essential

It is a method used by businesses to ensure that their customers achieve the desired results after using their products or services

Real businesses don’t sell their products, get the customer’s money and call it a day

They make sure that they are meeting their customer’s needs

They make it a priority to follow up and make sure that their customers have achieved their goals

This means they get involved in a customer’s journey from the day she purchased their product or paid for their services until she achieves her goal

Take Hubspot for example, it’s obvious that we can’t talk about customer success without talking about Hubspot

In case you don’t know what is HubSpot

HubSpot is a sales and inbound marketing software that helps companies get more customers,

In simple terms, it helps companies grow their businesses

HubSpot has an incredible customer success strategy

It includes problem-solving options, ongoing training, knowledgeable support and they offer certification

That’s not all, they always monitor user engagement and satisfaction, this allows them to successfully help their customers to get their desired results

Benefits Of Customer Success

Customer success sounds like it’s all about the customer, does it benefit the company?

Well customer success benefits a company more than it does to a customer

Let’s get back to HubSpot,

HubSpot’s customer success strategy helps customers to realize how valuable their services are

Imagine if HubSpot stops offering ongoing training or if they no longer have a powerful support,

Will customers interact with them as their doing now?

Obviously, they won’t

Customer success also reduces churn and it expands your business

Because if a customer is satisfied by a provided service she will leave a positive review, come back again for another service or recommend your services/products to her network

With a strong customer success strategy, you will turn your customers into your brand ambassadors without paying anything

Do Bloggers Need Customer Success?

Does your business blog need customer success

I’m sure you can now give me a BIG yes

If you are a blogger who treats her blog as a real business

And offering services and selling products

You definitely need customer success

A good example of a blog where you get top-notch customer success is the Smart Blogger

On their latest 10-day writing challenge, they will teach how to write killer blog posts, help boost your confidence as a writer AND they give you feedback

Get it? let me explain

They are not just throwing a 10-day challenge, grab your $10 and walk away

But they will be interacting with their customers throughout the challenge and the Smart Blogger editors (not ordinary editors) will give you feedback

This means they want to ensure that their customers get the best results at the end of the challenge

Imagine if you use a similar strategy?

What do you think will happen after that challenge ends?

Obviously, they will recommend, give positive testimonials and come back for more

In case you haven’t heard of Smart Blogger

Smart Blogger is a popular blog owned by Jon Morrow (one of my favourite bloggers)

He helps ordinary people like me and you to become successful writers

And he offers courses, training, and certification to ensure that his students are successful

Am I a Smart Blogger affiliate? NO, I just love Jon and his blog, visit it and you will thank me later

How To Offer Customer Success As A Blogger

In most cases, some pro bloggers don’t work solo

They have a team

And they assign their team to take care of some responsibilities

So when they are busy working on something else one of the team members is busy taking care of some stuff

And it becomes easy for them to tackle customer success

And in today’s world, where there is a software for almost everything

Things are getting a lot easier than before

You can take advantage of a customer success platform

And interact with your clients without a hassle


As you can see bloggers definitely need customer success in order to grow their business

And create a strong relationship with their customers

Gone are the days where you only sell, get paid and call it a day

There is competition and you have to make sure that your business stands out from the crowd

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