Here’s How You Get Expert Affiliate Marketing Training For FREE

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2021)

Let me guess

You’ve been through a series of buying crap courses about affiliate marketing and blogging

And you’ve had enough

You don’t wanna waste your money anymore

Or maybe you want to learn affiliate marketing but you are afraid of investing in a course and waste your hard-earned money?

Whatever the reason might be, I understand

I’ve been through a series of buying crap courses too

I know how it feels when someone takes advantage of your situation

Some bloggers out there are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing

They pretend to be nice and recommend courses they never tried, just to earn a small commission

They only care about the money and target innocent new bloggers because they know they desperately want to learn and make their first $1000


Thank goodness there is a way you can get affiliate marketing training for free

Yes dear you won’t pay a dime

Strictly no credit card needed!

Sounds great right?

I wholeheartedly want to help you learn affiliate marketing and earn your first $100 online

And I want you to at least get the basic affiliate marketing knowledge without spending a dime

Where To Get Expert Affiliate Marketing Training For Free

I want to introduce you to an affiliate marketing platform

Some call it an affiliate marketing university

Some say an affiliate marketing school

And they are all correct

You will get gold info on this platform

If you’ve been following this blog I’m sure you have read my June income report

I made $127.97 with ShareASale alone and a quarter of the money was from affiliate sales

I also made money with a dead blog and it was an affiliate commission

Not forgetting how I managed to rank #1 on Google and Bing with a new blog

Why am I telling you all this?

Am I bragging here? hell no

I want to give all the credit to this platform

That’s where I was taught affiliate marketing

That’s where I was taught how to rank #1 on all search engines

Not yet an expert but I’m getting there

And I want you to celebrate one day

I want you to tell your own success story one day

I want you to join Wealthy Affiliate (that’s the name of the platform) and get top-notch affiliate marketing training for free

Honestly, you will love it

Here is what others are saying

wealthy affiliate know how to rank

Who doesn’t want to rank? absolutely NO ONE

That’s not all, almost every WA member is celebrating a certain achievement

Some are celebrating ranking #1

Others are celebrating their incredible affiliate sales:

success is happening at WA

Did you see how many comments these peeps are getting?

Wealthy Affiliate has a very supportive community

You will meet new friends

When I say friends I’m talking about real bloggers and affiliate marketers here, not ordinary friends

Some of them are professional six-figure bloggers and they share free advice and training also

Aah, what an amazing platform…

Sounds like a dream right?

Wealthy Affiliate is real my friend

As I said earlier you can join for free

Believe me, what you get from the free training its something bloggers are charging hundreds of dollars out there

Remember I once wasted money on crap courses, I really know what I’m talking about

What Do You Get From Wealthy Affiliate Free Training?

Don’t have a blog yet?

No worries, the first freebies you get as a WA free member are two Siterubix websites

The WA training strategy is that you learn and practice what you’ve learnt (the training is task-based)

So since the training is all about building a profitable business online and make money as an affiliate marketer you are required to have your own website

There are two types of courses on Wealthy Affiliate, namely the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp

You will get access to 10 free lessons per each course

Here’s what’s inside the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course :

OEC level 1
  • Choose your niche
  • Build your own niche website
  • Set up your own site
  • Get your site ready for search engines
  • Create your website content
  • Create your custom menus on your website
  • Do keywords research
  • And many more

The Affiliate Bootcamp Course:

The affiliate bootcamp course level 1
  • Get your website ready for SEO
  • Activate your plugins
  • Create your own privacy policy page
  • Create your about me page
  • Creating thoughtful insightful reviews
  • Use affiliate links
  • Promote your affiliate post
  • Plus many more

I’m sure you’ve seen some bloggers charging $50-$200 for everything that I’ve mentioned above

But you will get all this gold info FOR FREE

That’s not all you will also get access to use Jaaxy a powerful keyword research tool

Wanna play with Jaaxy?

Try a few keyword searches below:

Love it? You can use it for free inside WA

Oh, I almost forgot!

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you automatically become their affiliate

This means you will earn a commission if you refer your network to WA

WA has two memberships: Free (starter) and Premium (more about it below)

To become a premium member – you pay $19 (special offer) for the first month and $49 thereafter

There is also an option to pay at once for the whole year and it will cost $359 that is 39% off the normal price

So if your referral upgrades to a premium membership you will earn:

  • $4 for special offer referrals ($19)
  • $11.75 monthly
  • $87.50 yearly

Do you know what this means?

It means that you learn for free=>>$0 investment, build your own site for free=>>$0 investment and earn money for free=>> +$$$

Awesome isn’t it?

I guess you know how hard it is to be approved as an affiliate on other platforms when you are brand new

And you are free to join Wealthy Affiliate with or without a website

This platform is there to make your online business journey a bit easy in every way possible

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Now that I have mentioned about the premium membership, I know someone is really eager to get more details about

No worries, I have the energy to tell you more

The WA premium membership has advanced affiliate marketing training

Plus unlimited goodies such as:

1) Weekly live training

2) Instead of having 2 free websites you will have 25 free sites and 25 premium WA hosted sites

3) Access to chat with the owners of Wealthy Affiliate

The owners of WA are very friendly they interact with the WA community just as any other WA member and everyone is free to send them a private email and they respond, it’s something that you can’t find anywhere

4) An ability to create your own training and earn from it

wealthy affiliate members creating training
WA members creating training

If you have any blogging or affiliate marketing skill you want to share with the WA community you can easily turn it into a training and earn from it.

5) Get free site comments

It’s always a challenge to get real comments on your blog. Most blog comments are spam comments (comments generated by bots to be specific)

And comments are proven to boost your domain authority and help you rank higher

Some bloggers out there pay hundreds of dollars to get comments, some spend hours trading comments on Facebook groups

That’s not the case when you’re a WA member, you can simply request for comments on Wealthy Affiliate in two ways:

  1. From a comment thread where members drop their links asking for comments and give a comment in return
  2. Using a site comment feature- First, you comment on 1 or 2 blogs and earn credits and you use those credits to request for comments. For example, if you have 2credits you will get 2 comments or more if it’s your lucky day

6) Get Paid To Comment On Wealthy Affiliate Members’ Blogs

As a WA member, you can become a certified commenter and earn credits whenever you comment on other members’ blogs

You can use the money to pay for your premium membership

7) 24/7 community support

WA community support
Click here to read the full post

Wealthy Affiliate has a very supportive community

As a premium member, you will have the ability to post questions or blog posts right inside WA and the community is always there to support you

8) Expert coaching and support

wa premium coaches

The best part I enjoy (and you will enjoy too) about WA is getting expert coaching any time

When you join Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson (WA owners) automatically become your personal coaches without paying any extra fees

And WA also appoints top members daily to assist you any time you need help

Think of any place that has great support like WA…No clue?? there is no place similar to WA

9) Free website feedback

requesting site feedback on wealthy affiliate

As a premium member, you can request for your website feedback from other members

All you have to do is give feedback to other members and earn credit then use the credits to request for your website feedback

10) 24/7 live chat

Wealthy Affiliate is all about giving you the best support you need

There is a live chat corner where you can simply ask anything and get instant help

This means even at 2.00 am because WA has members from all parts of the world

NOTE: You will have access to some of the premium features on your first 7 days as a free member

These are just some extra goodies

The exciting part is about the courses

This is what you will get when you upgrade:

Online Entrepreneur Certification

  • Unlock All levels= 5 LEVELS
  • Unlock 50 lessons
  • Join course discussions

Affiliate Bootcamp:

  • Unlock All levels= 7 LEVELS
  • Unlock 70 lessons
  • Join course discussions

For the record here is a comparison table of both memberships:

That’s not all my friend

Premium members earn more affiliate commissions

Say you are a premium member and your referral completes her WA profile setup, you will earn $1

This means if you refer 100 people and they all set up their profiles properly (simply adding an image and a bio) you get an extra $100

If they decide to upgrade you will earn:

  • $8 for a special offer ($19)
  • $23.50 thereafter
  • $175 yearly

See the table below:

Wealthy affiliate premium commission table

A Quick Heads Up Before You Decide To Become A WA Premium Member

WA Premium is awesome

Honestly, it’s something you don’t find anywhere

For only $49 a month

Wanna become a premium member from day one?

It’s okay, but I want to give a quick heads up before you take action

I was once a Wealthy Affiliate premium member but right now I’m on a free plan

Upgraded without planning

I was so eager to learn more, get more goodies, network with like-minded peeps and double my commissions

And I upgraded without planning how I was going to pay for my membership

Guess what happened?

I ended up failing to pay for my membership

And the worst part is my site was hosted on WA

The experience was terrible

I couldn’t access my WA account and my own site

We can’t blame WA here, it was my fault

And I don’t want you to make the same mistake

Make sure you plan out how you are going to pay for your membership before upgrading

If you aren’t sure how but still wanna learn more I advise you to take advantage of the special offer and dedicate the whole month for WA training so that you finish all levels in a month

You will decide later what to do next, either you go free again or keep paying

Another way is to pay yearly to avoid unnecessary problems

Though I earn a commission (if you upgrade) I highly recommend you to start with a free plan

I don’t want you to experience what I have experienced

Take your time and plan

That was a friendly advice

But that doesn’t mean WA isn’t awesome

It is the best affiliate marketing platform you can ever join

I really want you to check WA out, you will thank me later

See Ya Inside WA

Stop wasting money on crap courses

Wealthy Affiliate gives you free training and an ability to earn money while you learn

It’s up to you to upgrade or remain a free member for as long as you like

What more would you like?

Join Wealthy Affiliate now and start building your very own blog at a $0 investment

Feel free to ask me anything about WA I am here to help

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