How To Easily Change A WordPress username

How To Change A WordPress username (The Easy Way)

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2021)

I made a mistake

After launching my blog, realised that everything is ok but I don’t like my username

There is nothing bad about it but I just don’t wanna use it on my blog

To my surprise, I can’t change my WordPress username it’s permanent…yikes!

Sounds like you?

I feel ya

We are in the same boat

I don’t like my username too, I want to keep it simple

I now prefer Sharon Zayacy instead of Zayacy or Zayacy Sharon

You have your own reasons

Maybe you’ve decided to use your grandma’s name or your real name

It’s ok

how to change a WordPress username (the easy way)

I’m going to show you how to change a WordPress username even if WordPress is saying you can’t change it

How To Change A WordPress Username Via cPanel

We are going to visit your WordPress database

You can always use a plugin if you don’t want to play around with your WordPress database

Simply download Username Changer >> activate >> go to users >> username changer and you are done

But sometimes you might not have any option

For instance, if you forget your username and your email address, you will not have access to your admin dashboard

You can easily find your username via cPanel and make your desired changes without any problems

Let’s get started, shall we?

First login to your cPanel =>> scroll down to your databases and click phpMyAdmin

visit cpanel and click phpmyadmin

You will see your database tables

Now select the database that your blog is hosted in

NOTE: By default WordPress database tables uses wpsn_ / wp_ as a prefix before each table’s name

On the left-hand side click wpsn_users and click edit on the username you want to edit

WordPress database wpsn users and edit

NOTE: You can leave your login name as it is and change your display username only if you are changing your username for other reasons other than forgetting your login username

change display name

Now click GO and you are done!

Congrats! you can finally use your grandma’s name on your blog, yay!

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