how to create announcement bars in shopify

How To Create Announcement Bars In Shopify And Boost Conversions Like Crazy

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Imagine if Shopify sellers could wave magic wands at their customers

This would result to more signups, more sales and you name it

In short they would get high conversions

Doing business online would be cool, right?

Guess what?

I’m here to help you get those crazy results too

But not with a magic wand of course

In this post, I’m going to show you how to create announcement bars and boost your conversions like crazy using a powerful tool

*Works like magic*

What’s An Announcement Bar?

An announcement bar is also known as a welcome header bar, it’s a one or two-sentence announcement which is always glued at the top of a website

It pops into the top as the site loads but it doesn’t disrupt site visitors in any way, that’s why they convert like crazy

An announcement bar makes it easy for the online shop owners to inform their customers about special deals, limited time offers and whatever they can think of

Imagine how easy your marketing would be if you had one on your Shopify store?

It will be darn easy!

Now let me show you how to create your own announcement bar

how to boost conversions with shopify announcement bars
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How To Create An Announcement Bar In Shopify

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We want to create a clean announcement bar like this one:

final announcement bar shopify

This was created using OptinMonster so we’ll need OptinMonster to get our desired results

Wondering what the heck is OptinMonster?

It’s the most powerful lead generating plugin, the best plugin for creating high converting opt-in forms. Learn more about OptinMonster here and how to install it on your site

Step 1: Create A Campaign

Go to your OptinMonster dashboard and click Create Campaign then select Floating bar as your campaign type

Floating bar optinmonster campaign

Next, choose a template

For our announcement bar to look exactly like the one above we’re going to use Tiles

choose tiles floating bar theme

Name your campaign and add the site you want to display it and then press the start button to go to the OptinMonster campaign builder

Here you’ll see the default floating bar

om campaign builder with default tiles floating bar

Step 2: Edit The Campaign

Now we want to edit the campaign to create our Shopify announcement bar

First, click on the floating bar and change the text to what you want to display on your site

floating bar with text selected

Next, customize the bar to your liking using the pop-up toolbar

By default, the floating bar shows at the bottom of the page

But we don’t want that

We’re going to move it to the top to make sure that every customer who visits your Shopify store sees the bar as soon as they land on your store

Now go to Optin >> Design Fields and toggle the button next to Load Floating Bar to Top Of Page

om floating bar moved to top

Step 3: Enable The Yes Button

Now we want to let our customers click yes on our announcement so that we can get those conversions rolling

First, go to Yes/No settings and click the toggle to enable it

The display will show you two buttons

 floating bar yes-no enabled

We don’t want to give our customers an option to turn down our offer so we’re going to disable the no button

Now scroll down to No Button and turn off the no button

floating bar no button disabled

Step 4: Change The Button Text

Now let’s change the button text

Scroll back up to Yes Button and go to Yes text and change the button text

floating bar yes button text edited

Next, we want to send our customers to the page where they’ll see our offers

Choose Redirect to the next page as your Yes Action and add the URL of the product category where you have the sale

floating bar yes url added

Step 5: Choose Display Rules

Now it’s time to decide how your campaign will display

You can choose to display your announcement after your customers have been on your site for a while or you can make your Shopify announcement bar permanent so all your customers see it

The display rule to display “after x seconds” is enabled by default

You can simply set the default timing to 0 if you want to make your announcement bar permanent

after x second 0

Now your Shopify announcement bar is ready to go live

Step 6: Add Your Announcement Bar To Shopify

To be able to publish your campaign you need to link your OptinMonster account with your Shopify store

Learn how to integrate your Shopify store with OptinMonster

Add your Shopify site in the website field in the Optin tab

om announcment bar shopify - add domain

Set your display rules and hit Publish and then toggle the campaign to LIVE

And wala!

Your campaign is now live on your Shopify store

That was easy, right?

Enjoy Boosting Your Conversions With Announcement Bars

Now that you know how to add announcement bars in Shopify it’s time to boost your conversion like crazy

Get OptinMonster and get the best out of your announcement bars

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