a guide to set up hCaptcha in WordPress

How To Set Up HCaptcha (And Protect Your Site From Spam)

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Do you want to protect your site from it?

You’re not alone

It is the most annoying thing every site owner try to get rid of

Spam submissions are so annoying

And some of the links the spammers send are harmful

But the good news is:

There is a free and simple way to get rid of bots and spam submissions

It’s a new WPForms’ hCaptcha integration which is available for WPForms v1.6.4 users 

how to set-up hCaptcha and protect your site

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How To Secure Your Forms With hCaptcha 

As I said earlier hCaptcha is a free tool that helps you get rid of spam

You will be able to add simple questions on your forms to prove your visitors are humans 

hCaptcha is Google’s reCAPTCHA alternative and its privacy policy is compatible with the latest GDPR and CCPA regulations

Now if you go to your WPForms settings, you will see the option to use hCaptcha or Google’s reCAPTCHA

hcaptcha option inside wpforms settings

Using hCaptcha is also a great way to keep your information private whilst you’re protecting your forms from bots and spam

That’s not all, you can also adjust your Fail Message, enable No-Conflict mode and get a preview of your CAPTCHA whilst your forms look professional

contact form with hcaptcha

How To Set-up hCAPTCHA on Your Forms

Now let’s set up hCaptcha on your forms:

On your WordPress dashboard go to WPFORMS >> settings

Click on the CAPTCHA tab across the top

You will see the options for CAPTCHA

Click on hCaptcha Image

Next, log in to your hCAPTCHA and click on the NEW SITE button 

hcaptcha site settings

This will open up the setup form for your CAPTCHA

Then under the General Information, you can configure additional settings for your CAPTCHA:

  • Hostnames – The is the URL of your site
  • Captcha difficulty – here  you can choose the difficulty level of the hCaptcha within your forms
  • Filter captchas by audience interests – This allows you to choose up to 3 different interests that will filter what type of content will be shown in your captcha

Click save once you’re done

You will be redirected to your site key’s settings

Here you can copy your entire site key

 copy your entire site key

Click the Settings button to view your full site key, copy it and paste it into your WPForms settings under Site Key settings

Now you will need to copy your Secret key from hCaptcha into your WPForms settings as well 

Close out of your site key settings by clicking save and you return to your site key overview

Now click Settings and copy your Secret key from the secret key section

Then go and paste it into your WPForms settings and don’t forget to save your settings

Adding hCaptcha to a form

Adding hCaptcha is so simple

All you have to do is to create a new form or edit an existing form

Then look under the standard fields section and click on the hCaptcha field

Adding hCaptcha to a form

You will see the hCaptcha badge in the upper right corner

Note: You can turn hCaptcha on or off for a form under Settings >> General and toggle the Enable hCaptcha option.

Enable hCaptcha option.

That’s it! You have successfully enabled hCaptcha on your forms

Congrats! you have managed to deal with spam submissions

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