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Easy How To: Safely Share Your Google Analytics Reports With Others

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2021)

Do you want to share your Google Analytics reports with your team or clients?

Wondering how you can easily do that without spending more time or giving anyone access to your Analytics account?

I have good news for you!

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can easily share your Google Analytics reports with your team members, clients or business partners 

Why Would You Want To Share Your Google Analytics Data

There are many reasons why you might share your Google Analytics data 

The number one reason is to convince people over to your side

Here are other reasons why you might have to share your Google Analytics reports:

  • Keep team members Updated – Sometimes you might want to share your analytics reports with your team members so they can stay updated on different stats 
  • Increase website conversions– Showing potential customers how many people are already using your products can easily convert them into buyers
  • Form partnerships with other websites– Other companies will ask for your website statistics if you want to form a partnership with them, so sharing specific reports is easier 

But the hard part is granting permission to Google Analytics 

It’s not safe

So how can you safely go about it?

Let me show you how to easily and safely share your Google Analytics reports 

How To Share Your Google Analytics Report 

share google analytics reports

Here are some simple ways to share your Google Analytics with others without giving them access to your Analytics account 

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1. Get Weekly Website Stats With Email Summaries 

Are you in a situation where you are required to give your clients weekly performance reports for your website?

You can get important stats delivered straight to your email by MonsterInsights email Summaries 

This can also help you keep an eye on how your site is performing so you can make adjustments if you have to 

To view email Summaries:

On your WordPress dashboard >> go to Insights >> Settings >> Advanced and scroll to Email Summaries 

google analytics reports shared

You can add up to 5 email addresses to send the email Summaries and you can also customize the header to add your logo and brand your reports

2. Export Your Google Analytics Reports as PDFs

If you use MonsterInsights you can easily download any report in a PDF format and share it with your team

Simply click the Export PDF button to get your PDF analytics reports and share it with others

share google analytics reports

3. Share Your Google Analytics Reports In Other File Formats

You now know how you can use Monsterinsights to download your Analytics reports in PDF format 

But that’s not all

You can also download as an Excel file, CSV or Google Sheets so you can easily format your data according to your needs

To do so, log in to your Google Analytics account and navigate to the report you want to share

Click on the Export option in the top right corner and select the file type you want to export


Your report will be automatically downloaded to your computer and you can easily email it to your partners or customers 

4. Share Saved Google Analytics Reports 

Wondering what are saved reports? 

These are the reports where all your segments, filters and other settings are already applied 

But there is something tricky about saved reports: 

They are only visible to the person who created them

This means you’ll have to share them so that others can see them

Here’s how to share saved Google Analytics reports:

Go to Customization >> Saved Reports >> Pick the report you want to share and click Share 

how to share saved reports google analytic

You’ll see a screen popup >> enter the email addresses of the people you want to share your reports with 

Google Analytics allows you to choose the file format in which others can see the report

Click Send once you have entered the details 

Good job!

You have successfully shared your report

That’s it

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