How to set count down timer popups

How to Boost Sales with Countdown Timer Popups

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Do you have sales promotion coming up?

Are you thinking of a way to boost your sales this time?

You’re at the right place

In this post, I’m going to show you how to boost your online sales by adding a countdown timer pop up on your site

Why Use Count down Timer Pop-ups On Your Site

Instead of telling your customers that it’s a limited time offer, you’ll show them the exact days or hours left for the promotion to end

This will create urgency which will result in more sales

A count down timer is the easiest solution if you seriously want to quickly boost your sales

How To Create A Countdown Timer Pop-up In 7 Easy Steps

How to boost sales with countdown timer

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For us to create a high converting animated countdown timer pop up we are going to use OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a premium lead generating software

The good thing is it works with all CMS so you don’t need to worry if you don’t use WordPress

Get OptinMonster here

Now let’s create our count down timer pop up

Step 1: Create A Floating Bar Opt-in

Go to your OptinMonster dashboard and click the green Create Campaign button

create campaign for countdown timer

Next select Floating Bar

select floating bar

Hover over the Countdown template and click the blue Use Template button

select countdown timer template

Enter the name of your sales timer and select your site from the dropdown menu

Then click the start building button to enter the campaign builder

enter the name of your sales timer

Don’t forget to click save at the top right corner of the builder

Step 2: Update the Display Settings

By default the timer shows up at the bottom of your site

If you want it to show to the top of your site click Display Settings and activate Load Floating Bar at Top of The Page

You can also deactivate the Powered By Link to save screen space

change the floating bar position

Step 3: Set The End Date/Time

Click directly on the countdown clock in the live preview, this will bring up the editing tools

Set the Type to Static so your visitors see the exact countdown when they visit your site

set the end date or time of your countdown

Next enter the date and time settings for when your sale ends and how to display the information, all changes will appear live in the preview as you make them

enter the time and date settings

Step 4: Customize The Copy And Design

You can customize the floating bar to match your brand

To do that hover over the Sales ends in text and two small gray icons will appear

Now click the settings icon to edit the styling and the settings of the column

customize the copy and design

Here you can change the column back ground to your liking

change the column background

Design Offer Text

Now let’s change our offer text

Click on the offer text in the live preview to bring up the editing tools

design the countdown offer text

Let’s change the text to “Thanksgiving Sale: Get 25% off any order!”

Here you can also customize your fonts and colors

customize fonts and colors

Design The Opt-in Button

Now we want to match our Sign Up button with the countdown timer color and change the button text

Click directly on the button in the live preview and click on the button tab to edit the button

design the countdown button

Design The Success View

Now that your visitors can opt-in to get access to the coupon code let’s set up a success view so they can get the coupon code once they complete their sign up

Click on the Success tab

design the success view

Step 5: Connect an Email Service Provider

You’ll need to connect your opt-in to your email service provider so you can collect email addresses

OptinMonster integrates with all of them

To connect your service provider:

Go to the Integrations tab

click integrations to connect your email provider with countdown timer

Click Add New Integration and select your email provider from the dropdown list

You’ll see a new window for your email provider login credentials >> enter your login credentials and click the login button

Once you’re logged allow access to OptinMonster and enter a unique label for your email account and select the connect button

Lastly, OptinMonster fetches your email list, choose an email list you want your visitors to subscribe to and don’t forget to save your campaign

Step 6: Set The Display Rules

Now it’s time to set display rules

Go to the Display Rules tab and set your floating bar to be displayed on or before a certain date

Next, set who should see this campaign so whenever your site visitors land on a certain page they’ll see the countdown popup

In this case, we would like our countdown pop up to be displayed on the “shop” page so let’s set the second condition to content URL path exactly matches shop

set the second condition to content URL path exactly matches shop

Remember to hit save before we move on to the next step

Step 7: Publish Your Countdown Popup

This is the final step, great job!

Now we want our countdown timer to go live and start making those sales

Simply go to the Publish tab >> toggle the Status to live and save the campaign

That’s all!

Enjoy making more sales with a countdown timer pop up

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